Thank you very much! Since "calendar time" is about to come to a close, I wanted you to know I really appreciate all the great photography you have done. Kirkman Hooters has 13 girls we are submitting this year, and we are so proud of that. We couldn't have done it with out you. Keep me updated on everything going on with AXIS, we plan to have WJRR out one afternoon and/or evening to promote the magazine and have the girls sign them. I'd like for you to be there as well, and of course, we will treat you and your girlfriend to wings and etc. on me. Again, thanks for the great pictures and the all the extra efforts you did to make sure I got them on time. (WOW! Great job! She looks amazing. The lipstick shot is bad ass! The very last one, the one with her looking around the pole in the blue dress, the one before the lipstick shot and the third one from the top, 4th down in the blue dress, and the first one in the white shirt are my VERY FAVES. All of them are fascinating to look at. You both did a fabulous job, and I think I smell a new business card pic for ya. Phenomenal... really) (OMG!!! OMG!!!!! Fricken AMAZING, I could not stop picking pictures.) AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swear to God, Amazing!!! Thank you!
Robyn- (Hooters Orlando Marketing Manager)


Rhonda has got to have one of THE, if not THE, most stunning faces not only that you have EVER shot (or that you've shared with me) but that I've ever seen...You and I shoot a lot of hot bodies and very, very pretty girls... and Rhonda is not only right there, but she has the Price is Right face, the Playmate face and the whole Estee Lauder makeup face, not to mention a Victoria's Secret quality... without a doubt, just based on your images of her, that face is freakin stunning!! On top of THAT, these are, without a DOUBT your best lit images that I've seen... you either did something different with your light set up or changed your metering or settings on your did something different and whatever u did, you just jumped about 3 - 4 notches above your previous work... Not sure what it is/was, but you need to continue doing it for future shoots! Way to go Mike!! Congrats on a wonderful find (where did u find her?) and you need to get this girl and her images to someone with some connections SOON (assuming she wants to)... INCREDIBLE smile... and those eyes are stunning and her skin is probably the best I have ever seen.... EXCELLENT JOB to the both of you... I can't stop gushing... please pass my kudos to her as well as my interest in swimsuit shooting please)...

Andy McFarland- photographer


Hey Mike,
Congratulations and best of luck with your book! I’ve admired your work from the first time I saw your pictures! Keep up the outstanding work!!!
Jim Maxwell- photographer


Your work is awesome!!
Brooke Banx- model


Master this is grasshopper, can I grab the pebble from your hand.
Your work is always hot!!
AJ Alexander- photographer


(Hello Papi….NICE WORK!!) (Hello hot babe!!!! Looking hoooot...muaaaaaaaaaaaah) (I love your work, very sexy and hot. Thank you for all my hot pic's)
Luv You,
Mary Alejo- the ex


Hey MikeAnthony,
Oh my god ...they're awesome! I also just want to say congrats on your book, I will definitely help you promote your book. You've helped me get alot of gigs because of your photography, you deserve it. You really know how to capture that special something in every girl. Good Luck sweetie! I'm so excited to see it! Thank you so much, I'm so lucky to have you as a friend, You always look out for me. We definitely should have lunch and talk about all are great accomplishments throughout the years. I'm gonna contact these people and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks a million!

Madeline Rodriguez- GoGo dancer


Congrats!!! You are an amazing artist! I wish you the best and will order my own personal copy. I will also send this message out to all my other friends to help with getting the word out.
Kimberly Kruse- model


Alo-aloha!!!!! lol....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!!  They turned out fabulous!!!  I showed Jenelle and she was amazed! Everyone that's seen them absolutely loves them!!!  Thanks for everything!  You did a great job and I expected nothing less!!!!
Thanks again,
Richelle Ruiz- friend


Really awesome photography, you are a master. The Filipina model is a beauty, such interesting eyes, cheekbones and jaw on her, plus her beautiful bronze skin. I admire your quality, just outstanding work.


I just want to tell you. I applaud your work. I'm a male hairdresser in Citrus County, FL. I must say I am impressed. I’m jealous because you’re exactly where I would like to be! Your work is awesome and classy. I hope someday to meet photographers like you that can help me in my endeavor of putting my talent of hairdressing with photography. Thanks for your inspiration...I hope all your expectations in your career are surpassed.
Brian Jackson


Your port is just beyond amazing... I’m drooling all over my keyboard right now! (haha) I definitely should be the head of the MikeAnthony mafia... don't let size fool ya- I’m small but mighty! (grrr)
be sweet,
Lauren Daniels- model


OMG! The pics look amazing! I love them. Baby mail it! I can't wait that long for such cool mom said you were so nice and one of my best photographers yet!!! mami loves ya and so do I...I'm so thankful. You are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! You always kick ass even under pressure. I respect that!
Jessica Reyes- Orlando Radio Personality


Ooooo I loveeeeee these pics hawttt!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much hun ......I LOVE THEM, well what can I say I had a GREAT photog to make me look bootieful on camera!
Lena Jamon- model


You're great!! I had an absolutely great time working with you and when I come down to Florida, we will definitely be hanging out!! You're a wonderful photographer and a damn fun person!
Christen Carnevalla- model


Oh My God Mike, they look amazing!!!!! It was so great working with you and I'm thrilled at how many looks we got done in 1 day. Mike and I will definitely be in touch for September!! He really wants to shoot and loves the pictures. I love them and can't wait to see the rest! Thanks again.
Jennifer Stano - model


Wow! Amazing work! You are really good ;)
Emily Caprice- model


I got my CD in the mail! The pics look amazing! Thank you so much! I Love them! You’re the man! You’ve got skills!
Susie DaSilva-  model


They are ammmaaazzzziiinnnnnggggggg OMG, I love them! Let’s shoot again!
Stephanie Belknap- Hooters 2009 Calendar Cover Model


I'm absolutely amazed at how good you made me look!!! I love them!!!
Noelle Marx- Hooters Girl


You are soooooo very welcome and it was truly my pleasure to witness your extreme talent! We have had a lot of fun with my pictures and I think my family loves them the most! You are a phenomenal artist and I will do anything in my power to keep business flowing your way! Thank you again!
Sandra Dostal- friend


Hey Mike,
Thanks for the awesome location hook-up. Everything worked out better than expected. And we had great girls. We may come back over next week to shoot a couple of additional girls. Just checked out your are very talented; I want to take lessons from you! Maybe next week we can have a couple of beers. Thanks again,

Doug Vollmer- Hooters Calendar


OMG!!! I LOVE THEM! Thank you for sending over the beautiful images. I can't wait to add them to my ports. We definitely need to shoot again soon--your shots are amazing! Thank you so much!   :-)  You take such hot images; it makes me not even want to waste my time with anyone else!!!
Mia McKinley- Playboy model


OMG! I love them Mike! I can’t wait to show them off! Thank you!!!!

Janet Layug- Miss Hooters International 2014, IFBB Pro Fitness Model


You are a genius, they are AWESOME!!! You're the best!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Sophie Turner- Australian Supermodel


They are beautiful! The ones on the floor, they are amazing!
MarieClaude- Canadian Model


Your shots of Amanda look great! Amazing Shots Mike! I love seeing your work man! Keep sending them!!! I noticed that you have a coffee table book published, that is awesome! Congratulations!
Todd Ferren- Hooters Magazine


Wow, very nice pics! Always appreciate what you do to help us out. Thanks! Wanted to let you know that they had an International contestant that dropped out of the contest in Miami and they selected Paige to take her place. I had sent them your pictures of her and they picked her to go down and help and then called today and wanted her in the contest. Just wanted to let you know - Thanks as always for the help in showcasing our girls.
Tim Baum- Hooters Florida Senior Regional Manager


Wow! I love your work!!
One day when I have the cash flow, we should definitely shoot!
Your photography is.... I can't even find the words to say how amazing I think it is! Your my favorite photographer by far on Model Mayhem!!
Love it all!!
Kay Dawn MM#1697497


Our picture's are beyond incredible!  Love you!
Claudia Verela - Go Daddy model



You are the shit!!! I mean, THE BEST!! OMG!! ..they look so good! Can I post one? These pics are awesome! You are the best!! YAY!
miss ya lots scooby, muahh!
Claudia Gestro - Playboy model



You put UCF Football on the map! It's crazy how one innocent, well-meaning photo-shoot can just blow up!

Tanya Hanson - Orlando Sentinel



YAY! I LOVE THEM ALL! It was so hard to narrow it down. lol I love them all! Thanks again so much!!!!!!!

Marie Ziegler - Hooters West Palm Beach


Awesome pics thanks Mikey Mike!! it was nice meeting you :) you are super sweet :)

Yahaira Torres - Miami model


Hello Mike,

I met you as my friend and I were leaving last night's event and you kindly gave us copies of Register Magazine after I inquired about what events you covered.
Regardless of whether or not it looks feasible to have you cover candid pics for the Heathrow Country Club's tournament, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and let you know that in the brief moments of chatting with you, you made quite an impression.
You're clearly a good friend to Cristie Jo, which after your kind comments about her, made me think you are a good judge of character (and looks!) and very personable. You have Admirable Qualities.
After reading the magazine, I took the time to go fish out your card and my iPhone to encourage you to keep up all the elements you're working on. You (or others) write engagingly and without offense. The photos are great & the venture is a brilliant "wrap around" concept.  Based on how young you appeared, I think this is impressive and I have no doubt that regardless of what category you're working in, you will find success.
This is not a bizarre stalker note - just repayment for the entertainment I derived from Register Magazine and while in this economy, the venture must be expensive and not easily taken to market - I have a lot of confidence that you're going to do well.
Congrats on such brilliant marketing, excellent people skills and really talented photo work. Thanks again for the great read. Hope you go far. Reminds me of the first issue of Maxim, I read many years ago.
Keep up the great work. Your name is going to be big and clearly here to stay.
The Orlando Sentinel's got a major asset in you.
Charissa K. Johns



You are a blessing to me. I owe you a lot and I mostly do it with Respect. I got a lot of man love for you and trust you; I talk about you to people all the time, all of it good. NOT many people I trust PERIOD! I love that you have always got my back.

Luis Rivera - Photographer



They Look Fantastic!! These Look Great!

Liz Chavez - Australian Supermodel



OMG!! They Are Great!!! You are the Best Photographer Ever!!

Xuan Phan




Jennifer Crocker - Hooters Girl



The Pictures Look Great! I Love Them :-)

Desiree Florimon



Thank you so much! You Rock Mike! I Love the Photo's!

Kristin Brooks - Hooters Girl



WOW! I Love the Pictures Smile They all look Amazing!.....Thank you sooo much!

Jamile Siqueira - Fitness Model



The pictures look did an awesome job!

Michele DeLeon - Fitness Model



Your Amazing! They Look Great! You Severely Kick Ass with a lens!!!!!! You are a Genius with your Lens! You kick butt with your camera skills!

Samantha Serrano - Actress



Man you make me look good! MikeAnthony is STILL the best! Thank you so much for everything again :)

Sonni Ferraro - Hooters West Palm Beach



OMG! They ALL Look Amazing!! :) Thank you so much! Your Amazing! My sister is Obsessed with them!

Holly Silva - Bride



"I met Mike nearly 5 years ago while I was modeling. I actually searched him out after seeing some of his images on many of my successful girlfriends portfolios. He is Professional & Serious about his work, but also very FUN and down to Earth. I HIGHLY recommend that you don't miss him if you have the opportunity to cross in front of his lens. MikeAnthony will make you look your ABSOLUTE BEST!

Aubrey-James Archer - Fitness Model



OMG, they are Awesome! Laughing You are a Great Photographer!

Juliette Huertas - model



OMG I love them! Looking awesome! Thank you! Smile

Taisha Rosado



Awesome work!

Dionne Davis - Fit Figures Magazine owner



Your so flippin talented! Muah!

Candace Lucas



Thank you for supporting our event. I really appreciate how you worked the room. You have a very subtle approach and you were extremely professional and friendly. Thank you again.

Gina McTigue - TEK Productions



Thank you for the Amazing shoot! I can't wait to see the final!!!! Thanks again for putting in the long hours! Love them Mike! Good Job!

Jennifer Hoag



Thank you so much! They look great!

Aliya Jiwa, Owner-



The stuff looks great. thanx

Adam Davenport -



Thanks a lot Mike!

Betsy Russell - Actress: Saw 3,4,5,6,3D


Hi Mike,
I looked through your images. Your photography is impeccable. You produce images at the highest level.
Let me know if you would like to submit something based on what you see on our pages and in the magazine. We are competing with the top magazines in the world, so we need to define our identity very clearly.

VOLO Magazine



Aweee, Your Photography style is Amazing! I love everything about the pictures! The stuff is great!

Crystal Mohammed



You da BOMB! The photos are Gorgeous! Love them!!!! Your awesome sauce, I hope you know that Smile

Bear Dellinger



Oo I like these ones! Smile so many haha love em thank you!!

Natasha Chloe Groenendyk


Hi Mike,

They came out great! I love how clear they are too. Thank you! I had a great experience shooting with you too! Thanks again! Very cool! I am glad they all got published! yayyy!!!

Noy Alexander - IFBB Pro Fitness Supermodel



It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for taking such gorgeous photos!! They all look so great. I had a lot of fun working with you and look forward to doing it again in the future. Thanks again.

Riesa Pascal - Journalist - Shesique Magazine & Orlando Style Magazine



You are awesome and always go above & beyond and I appreciate and admire that!

Leigh Hickombottom - Fitness Supermodel, Owner of Shesique Magazine



You are the best! I fell in love instantly. They look great! Smile

Madison Doher



Wow! I love the pictures! Thank you so much!

Leslie Valencia - Colombian Model



The pictures look amazing!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Thank you for everything! We are really happy with all the pictures!! You did a great job!! God Bless you!

Lina Sierra



These are absolutely amazing! I can't believe that is me! Thank you so much for doing this, it means so much!

Breezy Vanderzyl - Fitness Model


Hey Mike,

Pics look great! The Photo's are amazing! You are a Master of your Craft!

Tony Pigtain - Paramedic



Oh I love them! They are absolutely beautiful Mike! Thank you so much, you are amazing!!! xoxo

Alyssa Brunning - Hooters Girl



Thank you so so much! I loved them all! It was so hard to choose my favorite! lol They turned out so good, I'm not sure which ones to pick! Thanks again for doing them! Matt and his mom love them! They turned out great! Loved all of my pictures! We'll be keeping in touch for more photo-shoots!

Jessica Tydings - Hooters Girl



Wow! They look awesome! You did an amazing job! It took me forever to pick my favorite ones. They are so good! I'm obsessed! Thank you so much!

Heather Harper - Tilted Kilt Girl



I love them! Thank you so much!

Ralitsa Ivanova - Bulgarian Supermodel, CEO/Founder of Azzelia Swimwear



I am SO Amazed Mike, I was blown away looking through them. All of them were so good! Ahhh Love It!! You Rock, thank you! Don't kill me for LOVING so many of the pics!! hahaha

Michaela Holliman - Hooters Girl


Hello Mike,

Thank you sooooo much for these photos! We definitely need to shoot again soon!!! Happy New Year! I hope things are going well your way!!!! Let's plan something ASAP!

Pashence Marie



Thank you! They turned out Amazing! I Love them all!

Amanda Warden - Hooters Girl



Thanks again. You did a Great Job!

Samantha Phillips - Real Estate Agent



Those are Amazing!!! THANK YOU!!! Kiss

Brandy Roberts - Hooters Girl



Thank you so much! The pictures look Incredible! These are great memories and thank you for your time, dedication to the pictures and helping us make it happen. We had fun too! Thanks again!

Kimberly Diaz



Yay Awesome!! I Love them!!

Stephanie Marie Sobotka - Monster Energy Model



Thank you again for everything you have done for her! Your the best!!! Please take care and be very safe!!!!!

Jenni Powell - mother of Winghouse Girl, Rikki Paige Wilkins



Wow!!! Beautiful! I love it!!! So happy! SmileSmileSmileSmile

Brandi Holston



Hey, thank you so much, these are so cute!

Andrianna Raimundo - Hooters Girl



Thank you soooo much! The photo's are fabulous!!!!

Veronica Jaso - Hooters Girl/Bella Bella Talent & Model



Thank you so much. They look awesome, super happy with results! Thanks so much!!! I am so happy with these, Mike, your awesome!!

Chelsea Bencivenga - Hooters Girl



Awesome! Thanks again Mike! These all came out really great! Smile I will keep you updated on new cosplays and thank you also for your guidance for poses. I have no idea what I am doing. lol Thank you again. Looking forward to shooting with you again in the future!

Annika Aguas - Cosplay Player/Model



They look great! Thank you!

Tony Pigtain


Hi Mike.... Just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for Sylvia getting in the Hooters calendar. She never would have done it if you had not asked her to. And your beautiful pictures that made her look good. You're the best. Hope she gets a good spot in there.

Emily Cobb - mother of Hooters Girl, Sylvia Cobb



Love them! You're amazing, thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon. Take care friend!!

Ingrid Santiago - Bella Bella Talent GoGo Dancer & Model



Yayyyyyy we need more covers!!!! We need to do more pics. What do u think about the next shoot in the studio? Your Ammmmmazing!!!

Angel Monroe - Los Angeles Model / Singer / Actress



These are great! Thank you!

Myranda Harting


Hi Mike,

You are a photographic maestro!!! What a beautiful job you did. You know how to bring out the best in your subjects!! Again I have to say thank you so much for your work. My grand daughter is in her senior year this year and I'm sure she would love for you to do her senior pictures. I just think you are wonderful!! Just love them.

Emily Cobb - mother of Hooters Girl, Sylvia Cobb



Awesome sounds good, the photos look amazing!!! Thank you Mike I appreciate everything! Laughing

Stacy Turner - Bella Bella Model



Thank you! I love them. You done a fabulous job!

Breanna Cloer - Hooters Girl




Vivian Xiang - Hooters Girl



I love them all !!! Laughing

Annie Durham - Hooters Girl



They all look so Amazing!

Samantha SmithBurger - Hooters Girl



I love a lot of these...too many good ones!!

Kristen Strout - Monster Energy / Tropic Beauty Model

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